A long Week end with Alexis and Céline

a long week end to learn with Alexis and Céline
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Saison 22-23 program of the week end

Week end with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano 18 > 21 May
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No milonga Friday April 7th, it's vorbiden to dance for Easter
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Friday milonga

every Friday

21.30 > 1.00 Milonga querida, DJ Gaby , milonguero.

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in Strasbourg

en bal et vous site
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tango fuego : site
Jsk tango : site


Tango clothes from italy!!
pepi tango : site

In France


tango émocion :

In Germany


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michael sattler : site all information of the evenings on Freiburg
Claudia: site


Kik : site


Siempre Tango : site
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Elsewhere in Germany


tango Kombinat : site Melina & Detlef


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tango milonguero with Thorsten tango tradicional

Still further in Luxembourg

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Elsewhere in Suisse

For all Switzerland

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In Basel

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