12 et 19 avril : pas de milonga

Il n'y a pas de milonga le 12 avril pour cause d'encuentro.

Comme chaque année, le tanzverbot est de rigueur dans le Badenwuttemberg à Pâques.
donc pas de danse du 18 au 21 avril.
donc pas de milonga le 19 Avril.
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WS program in 2018

10 > 12 mai : week end WS with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano

all the program here
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WS week end with Alexis et Céline

11> 13 january 2019 : WS Week end with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano.
All the Program

They will be back from 10 to 12 May

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Enucnetro milonguero - Kehl -- September

For reasons that depend entirely and only on my will, the Encuentro Milonguero Kehl of September will no longer have place.

Thank you to all those who participated in the previous editions, and especially those who have followed me since the first and to all those who participated in the successes of the various editions by bringing other dancers.


Europa hotel
Straßburger Straße 9
Tel.: 07851 99 47 88-0

hotel Rosengarten
Jahnstr. 8, Kehl , Tel 07851 958615

-5% if you come for the tango.

all other Hotel

La Cita
sleep in la Cita on the dance floor. bring your matress.
15 per night with schuwer only on registration

Schwanen Gasthof
Hauptst.20, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 2735
D , WC, TV, PttDj, P

Hotel Schwert
Hauptstr. 51, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 77580
D, WC, TV, PttDj

Ates Hotel-Garni
Strasburgerstr. 18, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 88 56 50
D, WC, TV, PttDj, P

Voxs Hotel
Bahnhofplatz 1, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 994778-0
D, WC, TV, PttDj, P

et tous les autres hotels de la région à l'office du tourisme.
Kehl am Rhein:
0049 (0)7851 88 226

hotel dans le centre de kehl.
hotel autour de Kehl
Pension, chez l'habitant

PttDj= Petit Déjener inclus
P = Parking Privé