12 et 19 avril : pas de milonga

Il n'y a pas de milonga le 12 avril pour cause d'encuentro.

Comme chaque année, le tanzverbot est de rigueur dans le Badenwuttemberg à Pâques.
donc pas de danse du 18 au 21 avril.
donc pas de milonga le 19 Avril.
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WS program in 2018

10 > 12 mai : week end WS with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano

all the program here
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WS week end with Alexis et Céline

11> 13 january 2019 : WS Week end with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano.
All the Program

They will be back from 10 to 12 May

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Every Friday
9:30pm to 1am : Milonga
1st and 3th friday : La ronda - non only milonguero
2d and 4th friday : Tangente ( Gaby) only Milonguero

Like every year ,the "tanzverbot" allows us to enjoy the Easter weekend ... with something else than tango ...
In this part of germany it is forbidden to dance during the easter week end.
yes ..., it exists.

Therefore no classes , nor milonga from 19 April to Sunday 21 April.

No milonga (because of the encuentro) April the 12th.