no classes , no milonga today 16 october

i prefer no to give classes , and cancel the milonga of tonight.
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Saison 20-21 program of the week end

13-14 November WEEK END MILONGUERO info
11-13 December Encuentro Navidad ( privat)

8-10 January Week end WS with Alexis & Céline info

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Friday milonga

every Friday

21.30 > 1.00 Milonga querida milonguero.

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All the Hotels are within 5to 10 minutes walk from la Cita.

Book directly at the hotel.

plan hotel

Hotel Europa (4)
Strasburgerstr. 9, Kehl
Contact directly the hotel to have a discount tango.

Hotel Rosengarten (9)
Jahnstr. 8, Kehl
Site Rosengarten

Schwanen Gasthof (3)
Hauptst.20, Kehl,

Hotel Schwert (10)
Hauptstr. 51, Kehl,

Hotel Ates Hotel Garni (1)
Strasburgerstr. 18, Kehl,

Voxs Hotel
Bahnhofplatz 1, Kehl,

Hotel Apart'Hotel (27)
Fabrikstr. 1

Hotel Das Lamm (7)
Hauptstr. 83

And all the other hotels of the area can be found on the tourist information website.
Kehl am Rhein:
0049 (0)7851 88 226

hotel in the center of kehl.
hotel around Kehl
private rooms

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